Gearing Up for Loanshark Mainnet

2 min readJun 24, 2023

As the mainnet launch of Loanshark Core approaches (in August), we’ve put together a series of upcoming articles over the next few weeks to introduce you to it. Let’s get started!

Loanshark Core is a novel DeFi money market to be launched on Scroll mainnet. Loanshark Core offers users the ability to borrow and lend with low fees, high security, and instant liquidity.

Main Features

Isolated pool model

Unlike other lending protocols that use a shared pool model, Loanshark Coresegregate each pool with different parameters, such as interest rates, collateral ratios, and liquidation penalties. This model allows users to have more control and flexibility over their lending and borrowing activities, as well as avoid the risks of cross-pool contagion and systemic failures.

Flexible collaterals

Loanshark will gradually support all high quality collateral tokens available on Scroll mainnet. For example, Loanshark Core will allow users to deposit yield-bearing liquidity provider (LP) positions and borrowing against them.

Loanshark Toolbox

Loanshark has built a series of tools to support our users. The toolbox will initially launch with the notification function to keep users informed of their position.

Innovation and Future Plans

One of the reasons we built Loanshark Core is to set the stage for some innovative features that we’ve been preparing for months. The first to be launched will be undercollateralized DeFi loans in a prime brokerage style.

About Scroll

Scroll is a fully EVM-equivalent zk-Rollup built to scale Ethereum. This will enable Loanshark to offer near-instant and cost-efficient transactions while preserving the security and compatibility of Ethereum. The Loanshark team is excited to be working with Scroll!

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